ADRS Lakeshore Adaptive Driving Services

ADRS Lakeshore's Adaptive Driving Services assists the individual with specific needs in the area of independent driving and non-independent transportation. Adaptive driving services are available statewide for consumers of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.

This program provides a wide array of services for clients including, but not limited to, the following:

  • clinical driving assessments for consumers with cognitive and physical disabilities
  • behind-the-wheel training for both the new driver and the newly disabled driver who may require no equipment or extensive adaptive equipment to achieve driving independence
  • vehicle modifications for both the independent driver and the non-driving consumer requiring personal transportation

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Certified by the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

Our providers are Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (CDRS), which is a credential offered by ADED: The Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, representing advanced experience and expertise.  A CDRS is an experienced practitioner in the field who, through successful completion of a formal certification examination, has proven their capacity to provide services within the full spectrum of driver rehabilitation services. The CDRS is considered by ADED to be the gold-standard in terms of driving rehabilitation service provision.