Assistive Technology Services

ADRS Lakeshore's Assistive Technology (AT) program offers up-to-date evaluation and consultation services for consumers who require assistive technology to work and/or go to school as independently as possible. The purpose of Lakeshore’s AT program is to assist consumers in accessing and determining the most-appropriate technologies for overcoming barriers presented by their disabilities in order to enhance their vocational and educational goals and objectives.  

Assistive Technology services are available to all ADRS consumers, with an emphasis on improving a consumer’s employment potential and/or maximizing his or her educational experience. These services are provided at Lakeshore as well as at a consumer’s work site, in the school setting, or in the home as needed. Lakeshore’s Assistive Technology lab is equipped with a variety of hardware, software and stand-alone technologies to address the needs of individuals with a wide range of disabilities.