ADRS-Lakeshore Employment Development

Employment Development services are designed to help an individual reach his or her maximum employment potential.    ADRS consumers are eligible based on referral.  Services include:

• career exploration
• job shadowing
• CREST social skills group
• placement
• Connections social skills group
• College Preparation
• Career Preparation
• job readiness  

Working with ADRS-Lakeshore staff, consumers develop a plan for services designed to meet employment goals as set by the consumer.  The individual’s plan is generally completed on the first day of the program, based on the client's desire/needs.  Plans may be changed prior to the consumer’s completion of the program.


College Prep Combined 2018
Money Works 
CREST (Soft skills training)
Permit Training

All services listed above require a referral from a vocational rehabilitation counselor. Contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation Service office to discuss available options.