Orientation and Mobility
and Rehabilitation Teaching Services

An orientation and mobility specialist works with two people


Blindness or low vision is often perceived as a devastating disability that leaves its victims helpless and hopeless. VRS-Blind Services provides specialized training which enables persons with a vision loss to learn how to do old things in new way.  With proper training, a person who is blind or who has severe vision loss can live, work, and play safely and independently.

Rehabilitation teaching services

Rehabilitation Teachers provide training in all aspects of communication and daily living skills. Training includes – but is not limited to – adaptive techniques used for cooking, sewing, money identification/management, reading and writing braille, and proper use of magnification, color and lighting.

Orientation and mobility (O&M) specialists:

Orientation and mobility (O & M) specialists teach travel skills that help people know where they are (orientation) and how to travel safely (mobility). O&M professionals teach skills that make safe and smooth indoor and outdoor travel possible for people with low vision and for people who are blind.