Blind and Low-Vision Resources

Directory of Services for Persons Who are Blind or have Low Vision 

This directory is a collaborative endeavor between the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind to ensure that persons who are blind or have low vision are aware and have access to resources which will enable them to achieve independence and employment.   

Copies of this directory are available in large print, Braille and e-file from the Alabama Instructional Resource Center for the Blind.  Every attempt was made to ensure the accuracy of the information given in this directory.  To obtain a copy, click here or contact Teresa Lacy, director of the Alabama Instructional Resource Center for the Blind, at (256) 761-3237 or (800) 848-4722. 

Accommodations Resource Guide

To enable the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) to be proactive in providing the highest level of accessibility for staff with disabilities, a diverse committee of individuals with disabilities and/or disability expertise developed the Accommodations Resource Guide for Work-Related Activities.  This document assists staff who are planning and developing work-related activities – including casework development, training programs, or agency meetings – in providing accommodations to participants with disabilities in the most-appropriate manner.  This is not an exhaustive list and direct contact should always be made with the individual who has a disability to find out his or her personal needs and preferences. 

This important initiative was spearheaded by the ADRS' Blind and Deaf Services.  The guide would also be useful to other agencies interested in being proactive about accessibility and can be obtained from the Office of Communications and Information at the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.  To download a copy, click here. For a Braille or large print copy, contact Debbie Culver at 256-362-0638.