Strategic Plan

In 2011, ADRS Blind Services completed five regional strategic planning meetings with consumers and other partners to review and revise the Strategic Plan for Blind Services for another three-year cycle (2012-2015). Two hundred and eight stakeholders participated in the focus groups.  Meetings were held at the State Office in Montgomery, the Vocational Rehabilitation Service (VRS) office in Homewood, the VRS office in Huntsville, the E. H. Gentry Facility in Talladega, and the Mobile VRS office.  

This final document is used to guide the budget and determine how Blind Services conducts business.  It also serves as the tool the Blind Advisory Committee uses to monitor the program's progress.  Blind Services contracted with Alabama Training Institute at Auburn University Montgomery to assist in the facilitation of the plan.  

After input from the five regional meetings was compiled, a draft document was presented to the Blind Advisory Committee, unit supervisors, and counselors for final input.  The final document was then presented to the ADRS Executive Leadership Team for approval.