Interpreting Services

ADRS Sign Language Interpreter Policy

In compliance with the Alabama Licensure of Interpreters and Transliterators Law, ADRS will utilize sign language interpreters who are Licensed or Permitted, to facilitate communication among Department Personnel and ADRS consumers of any age.  A sign language interpreter is a trained professional who facilitates communication and conveys all auditory and signed information so that both hearing and deaf individuals may fully interact.

The interpreter is bound by a code of ethics, which includes keeping all material interpreted strictly confidential. In addition, interpreters are to maintain the integrity of the message, always conveying the content and spirit of the speaker. The interpreter's mission is to facilitate communication; he/she should neither add nor delete any information at any time. Because of the specific nature of the interpreter's role, it is important not to ask the interpreter for his/her opinion or to perform any tasks other than interpreting.

Procedures for Providing Interpreter Services

Why do I need to call an interpreter?

If a Deaf consumer, deaf family member or deaf caregiver is requesting assistance of any kind from ADRS, communication should be clear and concise.  Consumers who rely on any form of a visual language should automatically be provided an interpreter to facilitate information vital to their medical or personal plan.  Interpreters should also be secured for meetings, training or any other activity open to the public.  The Alabama Interpreter Licensure Law has established required standards for interpreters that include skill, aptitude and ethical abilities.

When do I need to call an interpreter?

Plans need to be in place to provide interpreter services when your office, section, or division knows that they will be providing services to a consumer who is deaf, a deaf family member, or a deaf caregiver.

Contact a VR staff interpreter prior to actual scheduling of an assignment.  The demand for interpreter services is high and the supply is limited. It is imperative that the VR staff interpreter be given information such as: time, date, and expected length in order to accommodate the assignment.  For assignments longer than 2 hours in duration, two interpreters may be needed for the assignment.  If the appointment will be rescheduled or cancelled, the interpreter should be notified immediately.

Where do I locate an interpreter?

Contact a VR interpreter in your area.  VR at this time has nine full-time interpreters: one in the Huntsville area, one in the Tuscaloosa area, two in the Birmingham area, two in the Montgomery State Office, one in the Talladega area, and two in the Mobile area. VR also contracts with vendor interpreters to provide interpreting services.  

Who pays for the interpreter?

The VR staff interpreters are provided at no fee to VR consumers.  The VR staff interpreters will provide services if at all possible.  The VR staff interpreter will coordinate the vendor interpreter’s services, if they are not available for the assignment/appointment.  VR staff interpreters may also be utilized by CRS or EI.

For more information about ADRS Sign Language Interpreting Services, contact Josh Brewer

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(This list of interpreters is provided for informational purposes only. An organization or individual's inclusion on the list does not constitute an endorsement by ADRS.)