Specialized Deaf Support

Deaf Support Specialists

Deaf Support Specialists (DSS) are a unique job classification specific to the state of Alabama. This is a highly responsible, professional position requiring a combination of work experience and education. While a Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in an area of work with the disability of deafness is not required, it will be given preference. The position requires sign language skill at the SLPI Intermediate level or above.

The DSS primary goal is to assist the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors serving Deaf/Hard of Hearing consumer. A growing emphasis of this position is to provide direct job placement to deaf consumers as directed by the VR Counselors.  Networking and developing contacts within the private sector for potential job placement is also a major portion of this positions essential function. They assist the VR Counselor with other assigned duties as necessary such as On the Job Training, Job Coaching, and Job Analysis for technological accommodations as necessary at the job site of the consumer.  Other duties require the DSS to:

  • Provide employment follow up as requested,
  • Promote awareness through linking with the public and private sector authorities,
  • Communicate with and relating to the Deaf Community,
  • Become involved with and join deaf organizations as appropriate, and
  • Provide VR Counselor with appropriate and timely documentation of activities with individual deaf consumers and employers.