Deaf-Blind Services

ADRS is committed to serving individuals with hearing and vision loss through the collaborative efforts of our specialized staff.  The person may need to work with both a rehabilitation counselor for the Deaf (RCD) and counselor for the Blind (RCB) to get the best services. Therefore, services are provided through a team approach which is led by the primary counselor.  This primary counselor could be either the RCD or the RCB, depending on which caseload the case originated from.  The team will consist of the RCD and the RCB, the staff audiologist, the technology specialist for the Deaf and/or the technology specialist for the Blind, the orientation and mobility specialist, and the rehabilitation teacher. Rehabilitation staff interpreters as well as deaf support specialists are trained to communicate with people who are deafblind and can help when needed.

A person who is Deaf-Blind may receive the following services to help him or her get and keep a job:

  • personal futures planning to strategically assist them in achieving their goals for employment
  • testing to decide what technology can help both hearing and vision
  • training to learn to use assistive technology
  • guidance and counseling from a rehabilitation counselor trained in hearing and vision loss
  • discovering what can help a person at the job site
  • training to improve communication and deal with problems
  • help to get services from other agencies
  • help to decide what the person’s abilities & interests are
  • support services (interpreters, notetakers, etc.) while a person goes to school
  • Training and preparation for a job
  • Help to learn job tasks and be successful at work.

For more information about Deaf-Blind Services, contact Bedarius Bell at 334-293-7128.