Comments from Our Partners

“ADRS has been so accommodating to us.  The personnel we’ve received from them have improved our ability to do our jobs.  The agency understands our personnel needs and helps us continue to provide our services with these hires.  We are grateful to assist people with disabilities in getting back into the workforce.

Oscar Barnes, executive director
West Alabama Chapter, American Red Cross

“I have found workers referred from ADRS to be very dependable, hard-working, and eager to please.  I am  happy with our decision to give these individuals a job opportunity.  It is a win-win for me to get a good employee and a tax credit.  I will definitely hire from ADRS again!"

Pam Hodges, franchise owner
Home Instead Senior Care, Florence

"The ADRS counselor knows the applicants' abilities, has learned the needs of the VA, and is able to work directly with managers in placing PWE (pre-hire work experience) applicants through the ADRS Business Relations staff.  Our managers are willing to take any PWE applicant and give them a try because of the relationship the VA has with ADRS through our collaboration.  It is a win-win situation.  PWE’s provide the help we are in need of at no cost to the VA. Once managers see that these volunteers actually can do the job and come to work on time, we are eager to find something that is permanent for them."

Linda Murdock, senior recruiter
VA Medical Center, Birmingham

Murdock also shared the following comments from her VA Medical Center managers who have hired workers with disabilities:

“I see the overall positive impact they have on their co-workers, and that is priceless.”

“PWE’s provide the hospital extra manpower and create a candidate pool for future hiring.  The job candidate, in turn, gains on-the-job experience that gives the worker skills they need to be more employable, hopefully with the VA.”

 “I was hesitant about accepting a PWE candidate because I just didn’t have the time needed to train and monitor their progress.  I finally gave in and accepted one.  I came to find out, the PWE worker required less training and supervision than a permanent employee.  Send me more!”