Meet Jennifer Alberstadt, Daphne

When she was 4 years old, a foreign object became trapped in Jennifer Alberstadt’s ear canal, causing her significant and permanent hearing loss. In the years since, her hearing has progressively deteriorated, despite a surgery she had at age 12 to address the loss.

While it wasn’t always easy, Jennifer still managed to pursue her lifelong goal of teaching and spent 15 gratifying years in the kindergarten classroom, simply refusing to give in to her limitations.

“Teaching was very difficult, especially the last few years,” said Jennifer. “Finally, last year I nearly caved and gave up on what I loved so much, because I couldn’t hear anything.”

Rather than quit teaching, Jennifer instead sought help after hearing about technology assistance through Vocational Rehabilitation Service’s Deaf Services section. After her initial meeting with Dru Sweatman, a vocational rehabilitation counselor, Jennifer understood that not only was it possible to continue teaching, but also she could now thrive in ways that simply weren’t possible without that available resource.

“Everyone at ADRS was wonderful,” said Jennifer. “Stormie Vickers did an outstanding job in fitting me with hearing aids, and Dru couldn’t have been better, ensuring I had everything I needed to continue in the classroom.”

Equipped with her Oticon hearing aids and audio streamer, Jennifer now not only communicates more easily with her students, but also the students’ parents, fellow faculty members, and her family.

“I credit ADRS with saving my career,” Jennifer said.