Meet Mary Quade, Bessemer

Mary Quade immediately knew something was wrong when she woke up one brisk December morning to witness a rain shower of shimmering colors in her, then dominant, left eye.

Two weeks later, Mary received word from her doctor of what she already feared to be true. What a branch retinal vein occlusion only really meant to this octogenarian was that she suddenly had to relearn how to manage without use of her eyes.

From there, Rehabilitation Teacher Reine Lewis and OASIS provided Mary with the tools necessary to tackle everyday tasks and the know-how to properly use them. In Reine, Mary also made a new friend.

Reine placed bump-dots on Mary’s stove and microwave and provided her with a high-contrast cutting board to assist her in the kitchen. Mary also received magnifiers and various tools and guides to enable her to carry out common household tasks like writing checks, telling time, making phone calls, and even applying cosmetics.

“Reine was so helpful,” said Mary. “I never dreamed people could care so much or be so accommodating. I simply couldn’t have asked for better care.”

Reine was quick to return the praise. 

“Mary was a true pleasure to work with,” she said. “She’s a great student and a fast learner. In all my years, I’ve never seen someone pick up threading a needle so quickly!”