Disability Counts!

Join the effort to ensure that all of the ‘hard to count’ Alabamians
are counted in Census 2020

Many of us are the links to the hardest to count communities and are called on to do our part to ensure that every person of every age and ability is counted in the 2020 census. The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) is partnering with Disability Counts and other organizations to make sure that people with disabilities, especially children under 5, are counted. 

An accurate census impacts everyone, especially thousands of Alabama’s youngest children and people with disabilities: two of the demographic groups that the Census Bureau identifies as “hard to count.” When they don’t get counted, programs that can help them achieve their maximum potential don’t get adequately funded.

Census 2020 - Disability Counts logoCensus forms will soon arrive in the mail, and it is important for everyone to provide accurate counts and return these documents as soon as possible. Census numbers are the basis for how much funding will go to critically needed programs in Alabama – including those provided by ADRS – for the next 10 years!

For example, during the 2010 census, an estimated 17,318 children under the age of 5 were not counted. This undercount alone cost the state of Alabama over $13 million in funding every year for 10 years; that’s just for five of the many federally funded programs for disabilities.

The CDC estimates that 33.2% of adults in Alabama have a disability, which means about 1.6 million people at risk for getting missed in the census count. 

Find more information on the 2020 census and how it impacts people in Alabama with disabilities, by visiting the Disability Counts Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/disabilitycounts/.

The census form is available in multiple languages, braille, large print, sign language via video, and other accommodation options that help ensure everyone is counted. Click this link for information: https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/factsheets/2019/dec/2020-accessible-everyone.pdf

Also, The Arc has many resources available on their website, including these very informative videos in English and Spanish:

Census 2020 (English)
 Census 2020 (Spanish)

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