ADRS Lakeshore


ADRS Lakeshore is a state-wide program that assists people with significant disabilities achieve their maximum potential – whether it leads to vocational training, college, or directly to employment. Programs are based on the consumer's needs, are individualized, and may include vocational assessment to identify skills, abilities, and career goals.

The facility, which is accredited by CARF (Council on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), is currently working toward providing quality services for multiple disability groups.


ADRS Lakeshore is comprised of four programs:

  • Adaptive Driving Training
  • Assistive Technology
  • Employability Development
  • Vocational Evaluation

All ADRS Lakeshore services require a referral from a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

All services offered through ADRS Lakeshore are free to Vocational Rehabilitation Consumers.

Most services are offered statewide with the exception of some group-format services.

ADRS Lakeshore's Adaptive Driving Services assists the individual with specific needs in the area of independent driving and non-independent transportation. Adaptive driving services are available statewide for consumers of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.

This program provides a wide array of services for clients which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Clinical driving assessments for consumers with cognitive and physical disabilities
  • Behind-the-wheel training for both the new driver and the newly disabled driver who may require no equipment or extensive adaptive equipment to achieve driving independence
  • Vehicle modifications, for both the independent driver and the non-driving consumer requiring personal transportation
  • Permit training

ADRS Lakeshore's Assistive Technology program offers up-to-date evaluation and consultation services for consumers who require assistive technology to work and/or go to school as independently as possible. ADRS Lakeshore’s Assistive Technology lab is equipped with a variety of hardware, software and stand-alone technologies to address the needs of individuals with a wide range of disabilities. The program assists its consumers in accessing and determining the most-appropriate technologies for overcoming barriers presented by their disabilities.

Eligibility: Assistive technology services are available to all ADRS consumers, with an emphasis on improving a consumer’s employment potential and/or maximizing his or her educational experience. These services are provided at Lakeshore in Birmingham, as well as at a consumer’s work site, in the school setting, or in the home as needed.

Employment Development Services offers a wide range of programs designed to help an individual reach his or her maximum employment potential. Some programs are offered one-on-one and others in a group format.

Eligibility: ADRS consumers are eligible based on referral for the employment development program. Services in the employment development program include:

  • Career exploration
  • CREST (Job Readiness Group)
  • Connections (Social skills group)
  • College Preparation
  • Career Preparation
  • Job readiness
  • Transitional Support Services

Vocational Evaluation is designed to consider our consumers’ interests and abilities, measure strengths and weaknesses and provide the individual with information that can be used in vocational planning for the future.

Evaluation can be completed in several ways, including:

  • Group evaluations
  • One-on-one evaluations
  • Functional assessments
  • Specialized assessments

After testing, a conference is held, either locally or in the consumers’ home area, in which all recommendations for moving forward are presented. Other recommendations may emerge of this meeting as this is also a planning session.

Eligibility: ADRS consumers are eligible for this statewide service upon referral.

As a consumer of ADRS Vocational Rehabilitation Service, your case worker will refer you as they help you determine your individual needs.

Contact the Lakeshore office for more information: (205) 917-8400, 1-800-441-7609 or call ADRS’ VRS to request or refer someone for appropriate services: (800) 441-7607.


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